9th Carl Zeiss sponsored workshop on FCS
and related methods

December 4-6 2006

Location: AlbaNova University Center, Stockholm Sweden


Aims and Purpose

Ph D course

Invited speakers

Call for papers

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Workshop fees



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Information and Correspondence

Nobel lectures in Physics, Chemistry and Economics 2006

Nobel lecture in Physiology or Medicine 2006


Experimental Biomolecular Physics

Dept. Applied Physics, KTH

AlbaNova University Center

Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, KTH)


  • Jerker Widengren
  • Hans Blom
  • Per Thyberg
Experimental Biomolecular Physics / Applied Physics
AlbaNova University Center
Royal Institute of Technololgy

email to organisers.FCS2006@biomolphysics.kth.se

Aims and purpose

The development of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) and related methods, and their use for exploring biomolecules and their dynamics, interactions and functions, is a very exciting and rapidly developing field of research. While turning into a well established technique, still further developments of the FCS technique and variants thereof are frequently reported, and yet new areas and topics of applications are explored. The purpose of this workshop is to reflect this development, and to provide a venue for researchers in the field to discuss their recent results. The workshop also aims at providing an introduction of these techniques to researchers considering applying FCS and related techniques within their specific fields of study, in particular within biology and biomedicine. The workshop will consist of a series of lectures by leading researchers in the field, a poster session, as well as social events. Prior to the opening of the workshop, three tutorial introductory lectures will be given, intended primarily for PhD students, but open to all participants of the workshop.

Experience the exotic, cosy atmosphere of Stockholm in dark December! The workshop is given in direct conjunction to the Nobel festivities in Stockholm, offering the possibility to extend the stay in Stockholm after the workshop to attend the open lectures of the newly appointed Nobel laureates of this year (December 8 2006).

Ph D course on FCS and related methods

Together with the tutorial lectures preceding the workshop on Monday morning the 4th of December, the workshop is also arranged as a Ph D course. Full participation gives 1.5 ECTS credits. For Ph D students who want to receive study points for participation, please notify the organisers by e-mail in advance or on Monday morning before the first tutorial lecture starts.

Invited speakers

  • Antoine Delon
    Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
  • Karl H. Drexhage
    Universität Siegen
  • Jörg Enderlein
    Forschungzentrum Jülich
  • Yves Engelborghs
    Katolieke Universiteit, Leuven
  • Elke Haustein
    Dresden University of Technology
  • Stefan Hell
    Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen
  • Johan Hofkens
    Katolieke Universiteit, Leuven
  • Pekka Hänninen
    University of Turku
  • Masataka Kinjo
    Hokkaido University, Sapporo
  • Oleg Krichevsky
    Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva
  • Theo Lasser
    Ecole Polytechnique Fédération de Lausanne
  • Michel Orrit
    University of Leiden
  • Herve Rigneault
    Institut Fresnel, Marseille (Carl Zeiss' invited speaker)
  • Markus Sauer
    University of Bielefeld
  • Jean-Manuel Segura
    Ecole Polytechnique Fédération de Lausanne
  • Claus Seidel
    Heinrich Heine Universität, Düsseldorf
  • Antonie Visser
    Wageningen University

Call for Abstracts

Participants are invited to submit abstracts on new research in FCS and related methods. The topic should be presented as a poster at the workshop. Based on the topics a few contributions will be selected for oral presentation. The abstract should be prepared according to the guidelines below and submitted by e-mail as a MSWord document to abstracts.FCS2006@biomolphysics.kth.se not later than November 20 2006. You may also want to download and look at a sample abstract.

Guideline for Abstracts

  • Abstracts should be written in English.
  • Use margins of 2.5 cm on all sides of the A4 page.
  • Abstracts can be submitted in word doc. format
  • Save it as "YourName_Abstract.doc"
  • Font: Times New Roman, size 12.
  • Title: CAPITAL LETTERS, on top of page, bold, centered.
    Skip 1 line after title
    - Presenting author underlined, centered
    - Co-authors name(s) follows.
  • Affiliation/Institution, Department, City and Country:
    Skip 1 line after authors' names, centered.
  • Text: Skip 1 line from affiliation, 1 line spacing, in block form (justified).
  • References: Authors Names, "Article Title", Journal, vol., pages (Year).
    Skip 1 line after text, in block form (justified).

Guideline for poster preparation

  • The maximum size of the posters is: Height 1189 mm Width 841 (this is A0 format)


The table below is a tentative program for the workshop on FCS and related methods (blue) as well as the simultaneous Ph. D. course (yellow and blue) December 2006.

Monday Dec. 4 9.00 - 12.00 Tutorial lectures for Ph. D. course
13.00 - 19.20 Oral Presentations
Tuesday Dec. 5 9.00 - 12.00 Oral Presentations
13.00 - 17.00 Oral Presentations
17.00 - 18.45 Poster Presentations
18.45 - 19.15 Bus transportation
19.15 - Workshop dinner
Wednesday Dec. 6 9.00 - 12.00 Oral Presentations
13.00 - 14.30 Oral Presentations

The workshop dinner is in the restaurant of the Vasa museum and include a guided tour in the museum.

A detailed program for both the workshop and the additional lectures of the Ph D course can be found here.

Workshop fees

The workshop fee includes the workshop dinner, guided tour at the Vasa museum and lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Non-Swedish participants* Swedish participants (VAT included)
Undergraduate students 150 € SEK 1700**
Non-commercial senior scientists 250 € SEK 2900
Commercial institutions 800 € SEK 9300
Accompanying person*** 81 € SEK 750
* As a foreign participant you do not need to pay value added tax (VAT) because we will pay that for you. Eventually, we get the VAT money back from the Swedish state in return for telling them the VAT number of your organisation. Therefore it is important that you let us know what the VAT number of your organisation is when you pay the registration fee.
** Students at KTH and KI in Stockholm are supported by their institutes to participate free of charge (no lunches and no dinner included).
*** The fee for the accompanying person includes workshop dinner at, entrance fee to and a guided tour at the Vasa museum on Tuesday December 5 2006. Here, VAT is included for both swedish and non-swedish participants.


You may register to the workshop or the Ph. D. course by sending your name including appropriate title (ms., miss, mr., Dr. or Prof.), full address and participation information (tell us if you are a person from a commercial site, student or senior researcher from an educational site) in an e-mail to registration.FCS2006@biomolphysics.kth.se no later than November 20 2006. Foreign participants should include the VAT number of their institution as well. The workshop fee should be paid according to the guidline for payment of the registration fee below.

For the registration fee you also get two lunches at AlbaNova University Center, a workshop dinner and a guided tour at the Vasa Museum. Please, inform us if you cannot eat fish, calf meet, can only eat lactose free food or have other requests on the food.

The restaurant needs to know how many persons there will be at the workshop dinner. Therefore, students at Karolinska Institutet and Royal Institute of Technology should inform us if you attend the workshop dinner (and pay the student's registration fee) or just the lectures and talks (free of charge).

Guideline for payment of registration fee

The fee should be paid by bank transfer no later than November 20 2006. Please, put in the following information in the bank transfer form and send us a notice by e-mail to registration.FCS2006@biomolphysics.kth.se when the payment is transfered.
Non-Swedish participants Swedish participants
Bank Nordea Bank AB
Account holder Kungliga tekniska högskolan Kungliga tekniska högskolan
Reference SKF/FCS your name*** SKF/FCS your name***
Town Stockholm
Postal Code 10571
PlusGiro 15653-9
IBAN SE05 9500 0099 6034 0015 6539

***Please, write your own name here


The 9th workshop on FCS and related methods will be held at AlbaNova University Center where the Physics and Biotechnology departments of the Royal Institute of Technology are located, together with the Physics and Astronomy departments from the Stockholm University. All lectures and seminars are held in the lecture hall FR4.

AlbaNova University Center is located 3 km north of the central train station in Stockholm as can be seen from above. The web pages of AlbaNova University Center provide another general description on how to get here. Here is an additional map showing how you walk the last 800 m from the subway stop to AlbaNova.


Below is a list of hotels, boarding houses, and youth hostels selected with focus on budget and the distance from AlbaNova University Center. The closest hotel appear first in the list and other names appear in order of increasing walking distance from AlbaNova University Center.

Accomodation Prices and Booking
Hotel Arcadia
Körsbärsvägen 1
SE-114 23 Stockholm
phone: +46 8 56621500, fax: +46 8 56621501
Email: reception.arcadia@elite.se
Single: 89 €, SEK 825 or double room: 95 €, SEK 878 (incl. breakfast)
Price reduction for Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) visitors is included. The booking code is "ALBA061203" to claim a room that is preliminary reserved for participants of the FCS workshop.
Vanadis Hotel & Bad
Sveavägen 142
SE-113 46 Stockholm
phone: +46 8 301211, fax: +46 8 312391
Email: info@vanadishotel.com
Single or double room: 64-97 €, SEK 595-895 (incl. breakfast, the price depends on if bathroom/shower are private or if they are shared with other rooms)
Pensionat Oden
Odengatan 38
SE-113 51 Stockholm
phone: +46 8 7969600, fax: +46 8 6124501
Email: info@pensionat.nu
Single room: 65-107 €, SEK 599-990 or double room: 80-140 €, SEK 740-1295 (incl. breakfast, the price depends on if bathroom/shower are private or if they are shared with other rooms)
Brunnen Hotel
Surbrunnsgatan 38
SE-113 48 Stockholm
phone: +46 8 150420, fax: +46 8 158865
Email: info@hotelbrunnen.se
Single room: 140-161 €, SEK 1295-1495 or double room: 183-204 €, SEK 1695-1895 (incl. breakfast)
Hostel bed & breakfast
Rehnsgatan 21
SE-113 57 Stockholm
phone: +46 8 152838, fax: +46 8 6126256
Email: hostelbedandbreakfast@chello.se
Single room: 46 €, SEK 425
Double room: 64 €, SEK 590
Room with 3 beds: 28 €, SEK 260 per person
Room with 4 beds: 26 €, SEK 245 per person
Room with 5 beds: 24 €, SEK 225 per person
Room with many beds: 22 €, SEK 200 per person
(incl. breakfast, bathroom/shower are shared with other rooms)
City Backpackers
Upplandsgatan 2a
SE-111 23 Stockholm
phone: +46 8 206920, fax: +46 8 100464
Email: info@citybackpackers.se
Room with 2-8 beds: 23-60 €, SEK 210-560 (excl. breakfast, bathroom/shower are shared with others, the price depends on the number of beds per rooms)
Gustav Vasa Hotel
Västmannagatan 61
SE-113 25 Stockholm
phone: +46 8 343801, fax: +46 8 307372
Email: info@gustavvasahotel.se
Single room: 70-102 €, SEK 649-950 or double room: 86-124 €, SEK 795-1150 (incl. breakfast, the price depends on if bathroom/shower are private or if they are shared with other rooms)
Rooms with private bathroom/shower are price reduced and reserved for workshop participants if they are booked before October 9 2006 with the booking code "023816".
Colonial Hotel
Västmannagatan 13
SE-111 24 Stockholm
phone: +46 8 217630, fax: +46 8 217660
Email: reservation@colonial.se
Single room: 86 €, SEK 795 or double room: 96 €, SEK 890 (incl. breakfast)
Rooms reserved for workshop participants can be claimed with the booking code "KTH-3-6-12".
Wasa Park Hotel
S:t Eriksplan 1
SE-113 20 Stockholm
phone: +46 8 54545300, fax: +46 8 54545301
Single room: 75 €, SEK 675 or double room: 86 €, SEK 795 (incl. breakfast, bathroom/shower are shared with other rooms)
  • Rooms have own shower and toilet if nothing else is indicated.
  • The prices in euro (€) are just approximate because they depend on the exchange rate to swedish kronor (SEK).
  • The stated prices are for staying in the rooms on working days (nights actually). The weekend prices can be lower.
One can also search for hotels from the excellent site http://www.stockholmtown.com . Click on the link "Book hotel online" and search for hotels in the area "Stockholm City" and "Vasastan" or "Stockholm City" and "Norrmalm". More information about hotels in Stockholm can be obtained from another internet source or from a pdf document.

Travel information

To Stockholm/Arlanda

Several (major) airlines fly to Arlanda airport. Among the low price airlines are Sterling.dk and FlyNordic. From Arlanda airport to Stockholm city it takes 40 minutes to travel by bus (SEK 90) and 20 minutes by train (SEK 200). There is a budget alternative to go to Stockholm city from Arlanda airport: Take bus 583 to Märsta, switch to local train in Märsta and stay on the local train until it reaches Stockholm city. Since local bus, local train and subway all are owned by one company (SL) you can go all the way with just one ticket (SEK 20, if you make it within one hour). Therefore, do not forget to keep the ticket.

If you use SL's excellent travel planner to plan the travel in Stockholm you should now that the name of the bus stop closest to AlbaNova University Center is called Ruddammen.

To Stockholm/Skavsta

The airport Stockholm/Skavsta is hosting the airline ryanair.com. It takes approximately 80 minutes to travel from Skavsta airport to Stockholm city by bus.

Information and Correspondence

Workshop coordinators: Per Thyberg (+46 8 55378042) / Jerker Widengren (+46 8 55378030) / Hans Blom (+46 8 55378042)

Experimental Biomolecular Physics
AlbaNova University Center
Royal Institute of Technololgy
SE-104 06 Stockholm


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