Experimental Methods in Molecular Biophysics 2017

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Course literature: "Methods in Molecular Biophysics" by Serdyuk et al, Cambridge University Press ( on internet)

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Experimental Biomolecular Physics (course organisers)

KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)

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AlbaNova University Center

The aim of the course

In the medical field, causes of diseases, as well as diagnostics and treatments of diseases, can to a steadily increasing extent be attributed to processes on a molecular level. Accordingly, Biophysical methods to study biomolecules are important as well as persons skilled in the use of these methods.

The purpose of this course is to give an introduction to the structures, interactions, and functions of biomolecules, and in particular how they can be investigated by biophysical techniques. The physical principles of these techniques will be treated in this course, but the intention is also to indicate how they are used in practice in biomedical research and drug development.

Who is the course intended for?

The course is primarily intended for F students with a biomedical interest, but is also suitable for students from B,Bio,D,E,K, and T. To be able to smoothly digest the contents of the course, pre-knowledge corresponding to the contents of the mathematics and physics courses given in year 2-3 in the study programmes above is needed. No previous knowledge of biology or medicine, except from that obtained at a high-school level, is required. The course will be given in English on request (most likely, since there are usually several exchange students taking the course).

Course schedule

The course was in autumn 2017 with 1-2 lectures per week.


  • The re-exam will be in August 24 2018.
  • Here is an old exam available to show what type of questions you can expect on an exam.
  • Two old control exams are available here and here.

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