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Open position for CSC PhD student

Protein-protein interactions make up a focal point of research in both academia and industry to develop e.g. better targeted cancer therapeutics. In recent years, fluorescence-based super- resolution microscopy has had a remarkable development, manifested e.g. by the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2014. Together with the specificity and single-molecule detection sensitivity achievable with fluorescence methods, this development will in the next-coming years likely profoundly transform our view of cellular and molecular biology. Our research group at KTH has a leading role in this development. We now seek a PhD student to be engaged in a project, with the aim to further develop single-molecule Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS), super- resolution and multi-parameter fluorescence techniques, combine these with microfluidics, to study protein interactions in individual cells with utmost sensitivity and resolution. The focus is to reveal the dynamics and interactions of central membrane proteins in living cells, to better understand their mechanisms. Simultaneously, the aim is also to push the fluorescence methodology development. The latter comprises not only instrumentation development, but also e.g. development of new fluorescence data analyses, design of labeling, and optimization of fluorescence emission properties of the labeled fluorophores used in the measurements.
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